Saturday Night Fever

Hi fellas!

Yesterday night me, Kendra, Cindy, Holly and Georgy went out to Kevin's b-day party!! He's sooo cute 

So I met up with all my girls before the party to take our my closet. I just didn't know what to wear. After I tried on half of my clothes I decided to wear my fav hot-pants (yall know what I'm talking about ) Kendra brought a whole bottle of Tequilla a we made some cocktails... And all of the sudden we got completely wasted *ooops*!!!!!! Then Kevin called and asked why we are taking so long, so we grabbed a cab. We were gigglling so hard that the cab driver almost threw us out. And the - everything went wrong...

After we arrived we had a couple more shots . But then suddenly I went to Kevin's room and saw Kendra and Kevin making out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT HORRISH  BITCH!!!!! I went home alone. Crying.

Now I'm waiting for Kendras call, I'll let ya know what happend..


14.11.08 11:25

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