Saturday Night Fever

Hi fellas!

Yesterday night me, Kendra, Cindy, Holly and Georgy went out to Kevin's b-day party!! He's sooo cute 

So I met up with all my girls before the party to take our my closet. I just didn't know what to wear. After I tried on half of my clothes I decided to wear my fav hot-pants (yall know what I'm talking about ) Kendra brought a whole bottle of Tequilla a we made some cocktails... And all of the sudden we got completely wasted *ooops*!!!!!! Then Kevin called and asked why we are taking so long, so we grabbed a cab. We were gigglling so hard that the cab driver almost threw us out. And the - everything went wrong...

After we arrived we had a couple more shots . But then suddenly I went to Kevin's room and saw Kendra and Kevin making out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT HORRISH  BITCH!!!!! I went home alone. Crying.

Now I'm waiting for Kendras call, I'll let ya know what happend..


14.11.08 11:25

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(14.11.08 11:34)
hey dear,
this Kendra is really a bitch... omg... how could she just do it to you... f***k... that#s not how friends behave....
what are ya going' to do know? did u meet kevin again??? did u already here something from kendra??? and if she calls u what do you wanna respond...
hugs and kisses

Lacus (14.11.08 11:37)
Hey man,
dont worry...everythin's gonna be alright! Wished could be there as we could solve the hole prob...
How u doin today?? still have a hangover?? well...guess so
Did Kendra call u already and give u any explanations?
Well...dont wanna bother u with all the questions!
I'm fine over here in good old Germany but just a bit bored...coz there's nothing up concerning clubbing at the mom...
so text me if u have any news!!
keep in touch,

Chantal (14.11.08 11:38)
That is soooooo lame!!!
How could she do that, that slut whore bitch! I never liked her anyway.
You should just buy a cat LOL.
They're better friends and they never do stuff like that. The worst they could would be to pee in your shoes!
Anyway see you tomorrow at school! 7th grade suxxx

J.K.K. (14.11.08 11:43)
*Life is Life, nana nanana*

Jenny Smith (14.11.08 12:14)
I know Kreda as well, I can't believe this happened to you too. She did the same thing to one of my girlfriends Julie. I'll have to tell her this. I can't believe it!!!
Hope you feel better soon. But on the other hand, you know it always takes two, too! Than again there are other mothers with lovely sons.
Take care, talk to you soon.

M. J. (16.11.08 12:02)
Girl, my gosh, what`s your damn prob? Well, did you even think a second about the fact that Kendra fancies him, as well? I can't believe how selfish you are. They're such a cute couple and you try to detroy it. Have you ever thought about him kissing you if he wanted

(18.11.08 16:13)
"It´s rainin` men halleluja" so don`t worry girl.....

(24.1.09 22:05)
What???! I can't believe it! Didn't Kendra know that Kevin is yours???
See what she's got to say, I mean you're friends she didn't mean to hurt you, I'm sure. And if the two have true feelings for each other, you can't do anything about it. But hey, you're a beautiful girl -you can have every man you want!

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